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Golden Comet Chickens: The Full Information

The Golden Comet hen breed is without doubt one of the hottest breeds in yard flocks. They’re simple to look after, produce giant quantities of eggs, and may usually be discovered on-line at hatcheries.

Golden Comet hens inside coop

On my farm, we now have raised Golden Comets solely as our egg layers for the final 5 years. Indubitably, they’re the most efficient, environment friendly, and easy-to-care-for birds we’ve discovered.

They lay eggs virtually each day and are wholesome, pleased birds which might be extremely simple to look after.

So for those who’re on the lookout for an awesome hen so as to add to your flock, then look no additional than the Golden Comet!

Right here’s an outline of every part you could learn about this wonderful breed.

What’s the Golden Comet Hen Breed?

After we first determined to lift Golden Comet chickens, we didn’t know quite a bit about them. Actually, we had been a bit confused by the truth that this was a breed that appeared to have a number of totally different names.

The Golden Comet hen is a hybrid breed of hen that has been round because the Nineteen Nineties. It was created by crossing New Hampshire roosters with White Rock hens.

Whereas they’re primarily recognized for his or her egg-laying prowess, in addition they make nice pets as a consequence of their pleasant and docile disposition.

The primary cause why individuals preserve these birds is due to their wonderful egg-laying capacity! On common, every hen will lay round 250 to 320 eggs per 12 months, making them among the finest egg layers on the market.

You may even see the Golden Comet hen bought by different names, reminiscent of Crimson Star, Gold Intercourse-Hyperlink, Cinnamon Queene, and Golden Buff. Regardless of the complicated names, it’s all the identical breed.

Historical past of the Golden Comet Breed

The trendy Golden Comet hen is definitely a hybrid of New Hampshire Reds and White Rocks.

They give the impression of being quite a bit like New Hampshire or Rhode Island Reds and could be a bit tough to inform other than them.

Probably the most notable distinction we’ve been capable of detect is that they’ve a lighter blond feathering than the darker reddish brown of these different two breeds.

The Golden Comet hen was created by crossing New Hampshire roosters with White Rock hens.

The objective was to create a hybrid hen that would lay as much as 300 eggs per 12 months, which might be significantly greater than different breeds of chickens on the time.

In 1975, the primary Golden Comet chickens had been hatched in Hegins, Pennsylvania—and thus, this distinctive breed was formally born!

Official Breed Commonplace

On account of its complicated origins and make-up of many alternative breeds, it doesn’t have a unified official breed customary.

This isn’t a hen that’s sometimes raised for exhibition and is as an alternative raised virtually singularly for egg manufacturing.

Regardless of being a hybrid, the Golden Comet displays sure traits that stay constant throughout each hen—they’re all extremely hardy, energetic birds that like to eat and excel at taking good care of themselves in a yard surroundings.

What Colours Do Golden Comet Chickens Come In?

Not like another breeds, they don’t are available many alternative colours; they’ve just one colour sample – reddish-brown feathers with white tips about their wings.

Hens are distinguished by their upright U-shaped physique, red-brown feathers and white interspersed between them, yellow eyes, beak, and legs.

Golden Comet hen leg close-up

The males of this selection look fairly totally different with their all-white or primarily white our bodies that includes purple shoulder feathers – one thing that provides much more persona to their breed.

Most individuals don’t notice how totally different the roosters look, although, because the majority of farms that increase Golden Comets will solely preserve hens.

Since it is a hybrid egg-laying breed that doesn’t breed true (which means for those who hatch eggs from a Golden Comet hen, the chicks gained’t essentially appear like their mom), there’s no cause to maintain a rooster round.

The combs and wattles are purple on this breed. There’s a single upright comb.

What Two Chickens Make a Golden Comet?

Once more, these birds, which had been developed in the USA in the course of the Nineteen Seventies, are a cross between two particular hens- the New Hampshire and the White Plymouth Rock.

The White Plymouth Rocks present their calm temperament, vigorousness, and dependable egg manufacturing.

When these two hens are crossed they provide us the one-of-a-kind breed referred to as the Golden Comet.

Golden Comet hen chest close up

Dimension and Weight of Golden Comet Chickens

Golden Comets are recognized for his or her dimension, with males weighing in at 6lbs and females sometimes hovering across the 4lb mark – considerably lower than different meat breeds such because the Jersey Big or Brahma.

Because of their smaller stature, Golden Comets attain market weight sooner which means extra environment friendly use of meals and area.

What are Golden Comet Chickens Good For?

Golden Comet Chickens are actually an exquisite, multipurpose hen. Not solely are they nice layers of enormous, brown eggs, however in addition they make nice pets as a consequence of their calm nature and docile personalities.

Are Golden Comet Chickens Pleasant?

Golden Comet Chickens are a pleasant and curious breed, prepared to come back near people and present curiosity to strangers.

They’re peaceable when saved in a flock and don’t react aggressively when confronted by different chickens, making them best for households with kids as they gained’t be simply “rattled”.

A assured breed, they take pleasure in human companionship immensely and profit from loads of foraging alternatives as energetic foragers themselves.

We have now raised Golden Comet chickens each by themselves in addition to in a flock of Rhode Island Reds.

They get alongside nicely with different birds but aren’t more likely to discover themselves being bullied by bigger animals (just like the Rhode Islands).

Egg Laying and Temperament

As you would possibly count on, Golden Comets are among the finest egg-laying chickens you’ll discover. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Are Golden Comet Chickens Good Layers?

Golden Comet chickens have nice hybrid vigor, which contributes to their reputation amongst each industrial and small-scale hen keepers.

Golden Comets have a sooner charge of progress than non-hybrids, reaching maturity a lot earlier and providing an elevated egg yield over time.

They cease laying before different breeds, however since they produce so many eggs inside such a brief interval, they’re thought of some of the prolific breeds of all time.

When Will Golden Comet Chickens Begin Laying?

These chickens develop and mature shortly, which means it’ll solely be a number of weeks out of your buy date earlier than your hen begins producing eggs.

Usually talking, hens start laying at round 19 weeks outdated – however in some instances, they’ll begin as early as 16 weeks!

Once more, that form of egg-laying comes with a trade-off. Though they’ll lay plenty of eggs within the first two years – round 250 to 320 – they’ll drop off considerably in productiveness after that.

Of all of the hen breeds we now have raised, we discovered that Golden Comets begin laying usually and constantly a lot before different breeds.

Not solely that, however they lay extra eggs in the course of the winter – we put a lightweight in our coop to proceed laying, since we promote our eggs domestically, and which means our Golden Comets lay constantly one year of the 12 months.

four golden comet eggs
4 golden comet eggs

What Colour Eggs Do Golden Comet Chickens Lay?

These birds lay giant to extra-large brown eggs. Once more, they lay roughly 250–320 occasions per 12 months throughout their first two years.

How Lengthy Do Golden Comet Chickens Dwell?

On common, a Golden Comet Hen has a lifespan of 4 to 5 years, presumably much more if given excellent care and a focus.

Though Golden Comets are sometimes saved as layers, in addition they make nice companions and may grow to be fairly affectionate with their household over time.

Suggestions for Elevating Golden Comet Chickens

Listed below are just a few useful suggestions for elevating your personal flock of Golden Comet chickens!

Feeding and Dietary Wants for Golden Comet Chickens

In the case of feeding and caring for Golden Comet chickens, the very first thing to think about is ensuring they’ve entry to a balanced, nutritious weight-reduction plan.

This breed of hen is understood for being a superb selection for yard farms as a consequence of its hardiness and love of foraging!

Correct vitamin helps them keep wholesome and lay loads of eggs. A great starter feed ought to be one which’s free from chemical compounds and has the right concentrations of protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals.

Backyard scraps like fruits or greens can be utilized as treats, whereas different kitchen scraps like cooked grains are additionally nice supplemental choices.

As Golden Comet chickens get older and prepare to start out laying, their feed also needs to be supplemented with calcium-rich sources reminiscent of oyster shells and dried eggshells as a way to cut back the danger of eggshell high quality points reminiscent of skinny shells.

Dealing With Well being Considerations/Predators

Though the Golden Comet could be very low upkeep, they’ll run into well being points reminiscent of reproductive organ tumors as a consequence of their heavy use of those components.

They’re additionally extra more likely to undergo from points like egg yolk peritonitis and egg binding.

Additionally they have giant combs that are inclined to frostbite. They’re extra inclined to well being issues than different breeds normally, particularly as they become older.

That stated, they don’t have many different well being issues within the early days in addition to the same old ones – issues like lice, mites, and parasites. You possibly can keep away from most of those with good coop hygiene and a nutritious diet.

The easiest way to guard Golden Comet chickens from predators? Be certain that the coop and run are completely safe.

This consists of inspecting all outside entry factors, reminiscent of cracks in woodwork, or free hinges on doorways.

Contained in the enclosure, it’s essential to make use of solely hen wire that’s extraordinarily superb mesh – it will cease predators from gaining entry.

It’s a good suggestion to place an overhead cowl like netting over the run, which may appeal to predators reminiscent of hawks.

These chickens aren’t giant or quick by any means – they’re birds which have been bred for egg manufacturing, not flightiness or agility.

Subsequently, you, because the hen keeper, might want to take additional steps to maintain your birds protected.

Golden Comet hen unhappy in sub-freezing temps

Enjoyable Details Concerning the Golden Comet Hen

Golden Comet chickens, once more, are among the finest egg-laying birds you’ll discover. They’re pleasant and docile – and nice round little children – which means they’re a superb selection for many small household farms or homesteads.

Not solely that, however for those who reside in an space the place you aren’t allowed to have roosters, sex-link birds like Golden Comets are the best way to go.

You don’t have to fret about any “oopsies” because you might be roughly assured that you just solely get hens in your flock.

Golden Comet hens very hardly ever go broody. As hybrid intercourse hyperlink chickens, it is a trait that has roughly been bred out of them.

That stated, for those who resolve to incubate your personal eggs, you’re most likely going to be disillusioned.

Some individuals assume that eggs from sex-link breeds gained’t hatch in any respect. That’s not essentially true.

You’ll have chicks hatch from the eggs of Golden Comet chickens. Nevertheless, the ensuing birds will not be going to appear like the hen who laid it.

In different phrases, you’ll be able to’t hatch a Golden Comet hen from a Golden Comet hen. The genetics are too scrambled. The offspring will probably be crossbred.

Is the Golden Comet Hen Proper For You?

Elevating Golden Comet Chickens is good for individuals who are on the lookout for a low-maintenance egg-laying hen that gained’t require a lot consideration and area.

These pleasant and calm birds can simply grow to be pets as they require minimal grooming, like to be dealt with, and because you gained’t have any roosters to fret about, there gained’t be any crowing to disturb the neighbors!

However be warned; regardless of their hardy nature and gorgeous appears, these chickens won’t possible reside a protracted life.

It’s possible you’ll end up coping with the common reproductive tract points that include this breed of hen.

It’s additionally difficult to lift Golden Comets as dual-purpose birds. They’re on the small facet, so that you gained’t get a decent-sized carcass for the dinner desk.

That stated, it’s a trade-off. In order for you a hen that lays essentially the most eggs attainable, go along with the Golden Comet.

When you’d like a extra well-rounded breed, you’d be higher off with a Rhode Island Crimson, Wyandotte, Plymouth Rock, or one other sort of non-hybrid heritage breed hen.


What does Golden Comet hen appear like?

The Golden Comet hen is a small hen, often weighing round 4 to 5 kilos. It has gold to purple plumage and a single purple comb.

What do Golden Comet chickens eat?

Golden Comet chickens are hearty birds that eat a wide range of meals. They take pleasure in a pure weight-reduction plan of seeds, bugs, and different invertebrates discovered within the wild.

Business hen feed ought to be their important supply of vitamin.

What are Golden Comets blended with?

Golden Comets are a hybrid breed of hen. They’re the offspring of New Hampshire and White Rocks.

Which is best, Isa Brown vs Golden Comet?

The Golden Comet is a hybrid of the New Hampshire and White Rock. No one is certain which breeds produce Isa Browns, since these French birds are trademarked.

The place can I discover Golden Comet chickens on the market?

When you’re on the lookout for Golden Comet chickens, your finest guess is to look on-line. They’re changing into more and more common, and a number of other main hatcheries can give you high quality inventory.

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