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Every thing You Must Know

Have you ever ever seen a rooster with feathers that appear like they’re fabricated from silk? That’s as a result of they’re referred to as Silkie chickens!

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These distinctive creatures are recognized for his or her calm demeanor and tender feathers, which make them a well-liked alternative for yard farmers.

In the event you’re fascinated by including a couple of silkies to your flock, learn on to study extra about these particular chickens with fur.

What’s a Silkie Hen?

The Silkie rooster is a breed of rooster that’s characterised by its fluffy plumage, which is claimed to really feel like silk.

The breed has been round for tons of of years and originated in Asia. Silkies are smaller than most different rooster breeds and lay fewer eggs.

Nevertheless, they make wonderful pets because of their docile nature and affectionate tendencies.

Silkies are additionally utilized in Chinese language delicacies, the place their meat is taken into account to be a delicacy. In recent times, the breed has grow to be more and more in style within the West as a present rooster.

Identify of Breed Silkie
Finest Makes use of Companionship/exhibition
Common Measurement 2 lbs
Heritage Breed? Sure
Time to Maturity ~10 months
Lifespan 4 to eight years
Variations Black, grey, splash, partridge, buff, blue, white
Egg Measurement/Shade Small, cream
Egg Manufacturing 100 eggs per 12 months on common
Demeanor Pleasant
Broodiness Sure
Flightiness No
Noise Stage Quiet
Good for Inexperienced persons? Sure
Good for Youngsters? Sure
Hardiness Sure

What Shade Do Silkies Come In?

Silkies are a sort of rooster that’s recognized for his or her silky, fluffy feathers. The Chinese language Silkie rooster is really one in every of a sort and is usually considered a “furry rooster” due to its distinctive feathering.

Silkies are actually acknowledged by the American Poultry Affiliation and could be present in many various colours, together with black, blue, buff, grey, partridge, and white.

You will discover this breed in nearly each colour, together with a white Silkie rooster and even a pink Silkie rooster!

What Does a Silkie Hen Look Like?

Silkies are a breed of rooster recognized for his or her uncommon look. Their most distinctive function is their plumage, which is characterised by its silky texture.

These fuzzy chickens even have black pores and skin and bones, and 5 toes on every foot (most chickens have 4).

As well as, these birds are taller than different breeds of rooster, and so they have a docile temperament.

Due to their distinctive look, these breeds are sometimes utilized in reveals and exhibitions. Nevertheless, they’re additionally in style as pets, and so they make wonderful moms.

What Does a Silkie Rooster Look Like?

Silkie roosters are one of the crucial distinctive and simply recognizable rooster breeds. They’re characterised by their unusually fluffy feathers, which have a silky texture.

Silkies are additionally comparatively small birds, with males usually weighing not more than 5 kilos.

Along with their uncommon look, Silkie roosters are additionally recognized for being docile and good-natured.

In consequence, they make wonderful pets for youngsters or inexperienced persons who’re new to protecting chickens.

How Large Do Silkie Chickens Get?

Although they aren’t the biggest rooster breed, they’re nonetheless a great measurement for many yard flocks.

Grownup Silkies usually weigh between 4 and 6 kilos, with roosters being on the bigger finish of that spectrum. They’re additionally comparatively slow-growing, taking as much as 24 weeks to achieve their full measurement.

Silkie Polydactyly

These chickens are a breed of rooster that’s characterised by its black pores and skin and bones, in addition to 5 toes on every foot, as an alternative of the same old 4. Whereas this may occasionally not look like an enormous distinction, it’s truly fairly uncommon within the rooster world.

Actually, lower than 1% of all chickens have this genetic mutation often known as polydactyly. Whereas there isn’t any actual profit to having an additional toe, some individuals discover the Silkie’s distinctive look to be fairly interesting.

In consequence, these birds are sometimes utilized in reveals and exhibitions.

Are There Bantam Silkies?

Bantam silkie rooster breeds are one of the crucial in style breeds of chickens saved as pets.

Bantam silkies are smaller than commonplace silkies, and so they usually weigh between two and 4 kilos. Due to their small measurement, they’re typically used as present birds.

Silkie Temperament and Habits

Along with their distinctive plumage, Silkies are additionally characterised by their calm and docile nature. They make wonderful pets and are recognized for being significantly good with youngsters.

Silkies usually get pleasure from being dealt with and can even permit themselves to be carried round like a stuffed animals.

Nevertheless, they may also be impartial and typically want to cluck and scratch on their very own.

General, Silkies make nice companions and are beloved by rooster fanatics for his or her candy tendencies and weird look.

Silkie Hen Eggs: Do Silkie Chickens Lay Eggs?

One of the vital frequent questions on Silkies is whether or not they lay eggs. The reply is sure! Silkies are good egg-layers, and their eggs are giant relative to their physique measurement.

Actually, Silkie hens are sometimes used as brooders, or mom hens, for different rooster breeds.

How Many Eggs Do Silkie Chickens Lay?

Silkies usually lay round 100 eggs per 12 months, however they could go broody (cease laying eggs with the intention to incubate them) extra incessantly than different rooster breeds.

Whereas they could not produce as many eggs as another rooster breeds, Silkies are nonetheless able to laying eggs.

Actually, Silkie hens are sometimes used as incubators for different rooster eggs, because of their potential to sit down on the eggs for lengthy intervals of time.

What Shade Eggs Do Silkies Lay?

Along with their distinctive feathers, Silkies additionally lay white or cream-colored eggs. Whereas the eggs of most chickens have a brown or blue tint, the eggs of Silkies are a pure white or cream colour.

This makes them a well-liked alternative for many who are searching for actually distinctive and delightful eggs.

At What Age Do Silkies Lay Eggs?

Basically, the common Silkie hen will start laying eggs at round six months of age. Nevertheless, this could differ considerably relying on the person hen.

Some Silkies might begin laying a bit earlier, whereas others might not lay their first egg till they’re seven or eight months outdated.

I used to be so excited when I discovered my first egg! I had been ready for months, ever since I received my women, and I used to be thrilled that they had been lastly sufficiently old to put.

Can You Elevate Silkie Chickens for Meat?

It’s potential to boost these birds for meat, although they aren’t usually grown for this function.

Silkies are a breed of rooster that’s recognized for his or her fluffy feathers, that are stated to really feel like silk. They’re additionally recognized for his or her docile nature, making them good pets.

Nevertheless, Silkies are smaller than many different breeds of chickens, which may make them much less preferrred for meat manufacturing.

As well as, as a result of Silkies are usually white-feathered, they could be extra vulnerable to sunburn.

In the event you do resolve to boost Silkies for meat, you will need to take care to guard their pores and skin from the solar.

Caring for Silkie Chickens

In the event you’re considering of including a Silkie black rooster to your flock, there are some things it’s essential to find out about caring for these particular birds.

Are Silkies Straightforward to Preserve?

Whereas they could look completely different from different breeds of rooster, they’re truly fairly hardy and straightforward to look after.

Silkies are wonderful moms and make good brooders, so they’re typically used to incubate eggs.

What Do They Eat?

In the case of feeding, Silkies require a weight loss program that’s excessive in protein with the intention to help their fast progress price.

A easy weight loss program of rooster feed supplemented with mealworms or different protein-rich meals will hold your Silkies wholesome and blissful.

I lately started protecting chickens, and one of many first issues I needed to study was what to feed them. I rapidly found that there’s a lot of misinformation on the market about rooster diet.

For instance, I used to be incessantly instructed that chickens want grit to digest their meals, however that is truly not true.

Chickens have a gizzard, which is a muscular abdomen that grinds up meals with out the necessity for grit in case you are free-ranging your birds.

Since my chickens are in a position to gather their very own grit, the grit I used to be shopping for was completely pointless.

Nevertheless, chickens do want a weight loss program that’s excessive in protein and low in fats, as an excessive amount of fats can result in well being issues. You really want to ensure you’re feeding your birds specialised feed.

I additionally realized that chickens shouldn’t be given any form of processed meals, as it may be troublesome for them to digest.

As an alternative, they need to eat a weight loss program that consists largely of contemporary fruit and veggies, grains, and bugs.

Ultimate Housing

Whereas they make nice pets, they’ve particular housing necessities that must be met with the intention to hold them wholesome and blissful.

Silkies must be saved in a coop that has loads of house for them to maneuver round and stretch their wings. The coop must also have a nesting field for every rooster, in addition to perches for them to sleep on.

When it comes to the precise measurement of the coop, a great rule of thumb is to permit for about 4 sq. toes of house per rooster.

It is very important guarantee that their coop is well-ventilated and doesn’t get too scorching in the summertime months or too drafty within the winter.


Silkies are thought to initially come from Asia, and they’re well-suited to scorching climate. Nevertheless, they will additionally do effectively in chilly climate, so long as they’ve entry to shelter and meals.

Simply make sure that their feathered toes don’t get moist and keep moist. It could possibly take longer for them to dry off.

Listed below are some ideas I’ve realized about the best way to hold your chickens heat and dry:

  • make sure that they’ve a dry place to roost. If their coop is moist, they will get frostbite on their toes.
  • you’ll be able to put Vaseline on their toes to assist forestall frostbite.
  • in the event that they do get frostbite, it’s essential to rapidly heat their toes up with heat water or a warmth lamp.
  • ensure you regulate them and test their toes often in the course of the winter.

Widespread Well being Issues and Ailments

One of the vital frequent well being issues confronted by these birds is respiratory points. That is typically brought on by the breed’s small air passages, which may grow to be blocked simply.

Silkies are additionally significantly vulnerable to Marek’s illness, a viral an infection that assaults the nervous system. Ensure you buy vaccinated chickens.

Lastly, Silkies are susceptible to creating exterior parasites, comparable to lice and mites. That is due partly to their closely feathered toes and different physique elements.

Whereas these issues could be critical, they will typically be prevented with correct care and husbandry. Examine your chickens typically and ensure they’ve entry to a mud tub.

Silkie Predators

Silkies are a sort of rooster that’s recognized for his or her fluffy feathers and docile temperament.

Sadly, this makes them a simple goal for predators. Canine, cats, raccoons, and snakes are all frequent predators of Silkies.

After I first began protecting chickens, I rapidly realized that predators are an actual risk. I misplaced two chickens to a hawk, and one other to a fox. It was a troublesome lesson, however I did study some methods to guard my chickens from predators.

First, I constructed a sturdy fence across the coop. This retains out smaller animals like weasels and snakes. I additionally put in a rooster wire barrier across the perimeter of the yard. This deters bigger predators like coyotes.

Lastly, I made certain to hold the coop clear and freed from meals scraps. This minimizes the possibilities of attracting rodents, which may attract different predators.

My recommendation to you? Be sure that the coop is well-built and has no gaps {that a} predator may squeeze by.

Contemplate investing in an computerized rooster coop door opener so your chickens go in and evening and are protected.

Moreover, think about putting in a fence across the perimeter of the coop and burying it a number of inches underground to discourage digging animals.

Lastly, regulate your birds and be alert for indicators of predation, comparable to feathers close to the coop or uncommon habits from the birds.

How Lengthy Do Silkie Chickens Reside?

So how lengthy do these beloved birds usually dwell? Sadly, the reply is just not as straight-forward as one would possibly hope.

Whereas some Silkies can dwell for upwards of 10 years, the common lifespan for a Silkie rooster is just 4-8 years.

This is dependent upon quite a lot of components, together with how effectively the hen is cared for and in what sort of local weather.

The place to Purchase Silkie Chicks

The perfect place to purchase Silkie chicks is from a good breeder. This may make sure that you’re getting wholesome birds which were correctly socialized.

You can too test your native feed retailer or agricultural provide retailer. These locations usually have a wide selection ofSilkie chicks accessible.

When selecting your chicks, search for indicators of excellent well being, comparable to brilliant eyes and clear nostrils.

Remaining Ideas

In the event you’re fascinated by elevating chickens, Silkies are an amazing possibility.

They’re straightforward to look after and can offer you loads of eggs and meat. Plus, their cute look is bound to show heads when your mates and neighbors come over to go to.

Contemplate elevating a couple of of those birds at this time!

Often Requested Questions About Silkie Chickens

Do Silkie Chickens Have Hair?

Whereas most chickens wouldn’t have hair, there may be one selection often known as the Silkie rooster that does have feathers that resemble hair. These feathers are referred to as “Silkies” and they’re softer than regular rooster feathers.

What Chickens Have Feathers on Their Toes?

The Silkie is a breed of rooster that’s characterised by its silk-like feathers. The feathers on their toes are particularly lengthy and tender, giving them a singular look.

Different chickens with feathered toes embody the Cochin, Faverolle, Langshan, Belgian d’Uccle, and Booted Bantam, to call a couple of.

How A lot Do Silkie Chickens Value?

In case you are interested by buying a Silkie rooster, costs can differ relying on the breeder and the placement. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to anticipate to pay wherever from $15 to $75 for a wholesome grownup hen. For a chick, you’ll pay $3 to $10.

How Many Toes Do Silkies Have?

Silkies are recognized for having black pores and skin and bones, in addition to 5 toes on every foot, as an alternative of the same old 4. This genetic mutation is named polydactylism, and it’s comparatively uncommon in chickens.

Do Silkie Hens Have Wattles?

Like different chickens, Silkies have wattles – fleshy protrusions that hold down from the decrease aspect of their head. On the hens, the wattles are smaller and fewer pronounced than those on the roosters.

Wattles are used to manage physique temperature and play an necessary position within the rooster’s reproductive system.

How Lengthy Do Silkie Eggs Take To Hatch?

Silkie rooster eggs take roughly 21 days to hatch. The method can differ barely relying on the incubation circumstances and the age of the hen, however usually, hatching takes place inside three weeks.

Throughout this time, you will need to keep a constant temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) stage within the incubator.

If these ranges fluctuate too dramatically, it will possibly trigger difficulties throughout hatching and should even lead to demise.

As soon as the eggs have began to hatch, it is usually necessary to supply satisfactory air flow to forestall the chicks from suffocating.

Do Silkie Chickens Have Black Meat?

These chickens are inclined to have darker meat than different breeds of rooster. This is because of the truth that their pores and skin can also be black, which signifies that they’ve larger ranges of melanin of their our bodies.

What Are Silkie Chickens Good For?

Silkies are popularly saved as pets because of their docile and pleasant nature. Nevertheless, they’re additionally good layers of eggs, and their meat is taken into account to be delicately flavored.

Silkies should not usually used for industrial egg manufacturing because of their low egg output, however they make up for this in different methods.

For instance, their feathers can be utilized to make pillows and clothes, and their meat is commonly utilized in Chinese language delicacies.

What Does a Silkie Hen Style Like?

A Silkie rooster is a heritage breed of rooster that’s characterised by its black pores and skin, bones, and meat.

The flavour of Silkie rooster meat has been described as being much like darkish meat rooster, with a barely gamey style.

Do Silkie Chickens Like To Be Held?

Chickens should not recognized for being significantly cuddly animals, however that doesn’t imply they don’t get pleasure from a great again scratch from time to time.

Silkies are a breed of rooster that’s recognized for being particularly docile, and so they appear to get pleasure from being held and petted.

Actually, many individuals who hold Silkies as pets say that they act extra like canines than chickens. They are going to comply with their homeowners round, perch on their shoulders, and even sit of their laps.

Are Silkie Chickens Good for Inexperienced persons?

Silkies are a well-liked alternative for inexperienced persons, as they’re comparatively low upkeep and straightforward to look after.

Silkies are additionally recognized for being pleasant and docile, making them satisfying pets for each youngsters and adults. As well as, Silkies are pretty hardy birds and may tolerate each cold and hot climate circumstances.

Do Silkie Chickens Lay Eggs To Eat?

Silkies should not usually used for egg manufacturing, as they’ve smaller our bodies and lay fewer eggs than different rooster breeds. Nevertheless, some individuals do select to eat Silkies eggs, as they’re thought of to be a delicacy.

The flavour of Silkies eggs is claimed to be richer and extra intense than that of different rooster eggs, making them a singular and sought-after deal with.

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