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Certainty = Happiness

Human beings crave certainty.

When the circumstances of our lives are unsure, we turn out to be stuffed with nervousness and fear.

Uncertainty, for so long as it lasts, creates one thing referred to as continual stress.


Persistent stress causes the physique to transform ldl cholesterol into Cortisol.

Whereas within the system, Cortisol weakens the immune system by interfering with the manufacturing of white blood cells and their capacity to defend the physique in opposition to parasites, viruses, and micro organism.

So, uncertainty impairs your well being, which solely provides to your unhappiness.

When your uncertainty is lifted or eliminated, you turn out to be relieved and really feel regular once more.

Again in 2020, once we have been within the throes of a pandemic, have been you content?


Virtually everybody was sad as a result of virtually everybody was unsure in regards to the circumstances of their life.

And each time somebody near us received sick with Covid, that uncertainty grew, as did our unhappiness.

Whereas a lot of life is exterior your management, there may be one profound factor you are able to do to scale back uncertainty in your life:



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