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Actuality sucks in flyover nation

I gave Laura a bit of recommendation. She and her husband have fairness of their house, informed her that she and her husband ought to take out a house fairness mortgage and repay their bank card debt. I warned her, nevertheless, that they should have the self-discipline to not use their bank cards once more or their debt will proceed creeping up.

I might give Laura no steering about her pupil loans as a result of nobody is aware of what federal coverage might be.Will college students’ loans be forgiven? Will college students be pressured to renew making month-to-month funds in a number of months? Will the Biden administration‘s new earnings based mostly reimbursement plan be good for Laura and her household?

One thing is improper when a younger couple working 4 jobs in high-demand fields can’t make ends meet. Why are we specializing in transgender athletes as a substitute of individuals like Laura—individuals residing in flyover nation in an financial system that doesn’t permit them to prosper? Why are we sending weapons and ammunition to Ukraine as a substitute of strengthening our training system, which is close to collapse?

It’s clear to me now that flyover nation is a colony that’s being exploited by the coastal elites. The highly effective are thriving whereas the individuals who do the true work on this nation are sinking into poverty. The individuals dwelling within the heartland are respectable individuals. They aren’t homophobes, transphobes, or white nationalists. They merely wish to reap the advantages of laborious work and keep the approach to life that their dad and mom loved. 



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