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9 Attention-grabbing Details about Chickens • New Life On A Homestead

Chickens are home birds that hardly ever get the eye they deserve in comparison with their extra glamorous, wild counterparts.

chickens inside a large greenhouse
chickens inside a big greenhouse

However chickens are literally fairly attention-grabbing creatures! Chickens don’t simply sit round laying eggs or crowing all day; these diversified, lovely “yard birds” have loads of character and there’s a lot to find out about them.

If in case you have chickens of your individual you already know they’re stuffed with surprises, however there are positively just a few belongings you don’t know.

On this article we’re bringing you an inventory of 9 attention-grabbing hen details which are positive to intrigue you.

1. Chickens Can Swim

Although they spend most of their time on land, chickens are literally pretty proficient swimmers.

Their buoyant feathers assist them to drift, they usually use their legs to paddle by way of the water like a duck, although the dearth of webbing means they aren’t as quick.

Most chickens normally solely take to the water accidentally or after they’re making an attempt to flee from one thing – normally a predator.

Nevertheless, some have been identified to go for a swim only for enjoyable. Chickens usually keep away from deep water as their feathers can develop into waterlogged and make it troublesome for them to get again to shore.

But when they discover themselves in over their heads, they’ll begin paddling and flapping their wings in an effort to make it again to dry land.

Now, simply because they will swim doesn’t imply they wish to; most chickens would favor to remain on strong floor.

Chickens usually don’t like being on the water and can attempt to hop out earlier than they get soggy. That being stated, these birds are people, and a few present enthusiasm for taking a dip.

So the following time you see a hen heading towards the pond or pool, don’t be shocked if it goes for a fast swim.

2. Chickens Might exit within the Rain

One delusion about chickens is that they can not or completely won’t exit within the rain. That is merely not true: Chickens can and can exit within the rain. The truth is, some may take pleasure in it.

It is because they’re naturally fairly waterproof, at the very least in a delicate rain. Chickens have feathers which are designed to maintain them heat and dry, even in moist climate.

The feathers lay flat in opposition to their physique, which retains moisture from seeping by way of, and the waterproof oils produced by a hen’s preen gland assist to repel water.

After all, chickens don’t like being soaked any greater than we do. They may normally search shelter throughout a downpour and can solely enterprise again out when the rain has slowed to a light-weight bathe.

However don’t be shocked should you discover your flock coming and going as standard the following time a bathe is rolling by way of.

3. Chickens normally Flip In round Sundown

Chickens, opposite to web hypothesis and folklore, don’t have a bedtime that’s related to cycles of the moon, the climate, or some other esoteric conventions. As a substitute, they go to mattress whenever you’d count on them to: when it will get darkish!

Chickens don’t prefer to be out after sunset. It is because they’re prey animals and are susceptible to predators at nighttime.

Chickens will normally head into their coop or roosting space as quickly because the solar begins to set, they usually’ll perch on a excessive spot till morning.

You’ll discover chickens begin to really feel insecure after they can’t see what’s occurring within the surroundings round them, they usually prefer to be off the bottom when it’s darkish.

Throughout this time, they may typically doze or sleep and can get up round sunup to begin the method over once more.

They don’t seem to be affected by daylight financial savings time or some other arbitrary human conventions; if the solar is up, your chickens might be up and lively, and vice versa.

4. A Hen can Bear in mind round 100 Faces

Chickens are sometimes regarded as easy and even silly creatures, however the fact is that they’re fairly clever.

Greater than you may suppose! Research have proven that chickens are able to remembering as much as 100 distinct faces, each human and animal!

They will distinguish between members of their very own flock and chickens which are new or unknown to them.

Additionally they bear in mind people for good or in poor health; you already know that your chickens acknowledge you and are joyful to see you, whereas they may be standoffish to strangers or individuals who harm them.

This capability to recollect faces is probably going an evolutionary adaptation that helps chickens to keep away from predators and establish potential mates.

Their intelligence extends past recognition, too: Chickens even have a surprisingly good sense of course.

They will discover their manner house from as much as a mile away, utilizing quite a lot of cues such because the place of the solar and the panorama surrounding their coop.

So the following time you see a hen scratching round within the dust, take a second to understand the mind behind the beak!

5. Chickens are the Most Plentiful Chook within the World

Chickens are probably the most populous fowl on this planet by an enormous margin! As of 2022, there have been an estimated 25 billion chickens on the planet.

That’s greater than thrice the inhabitants of people! It’s factor they don’t have thumbs or we might probably be extinct by now. Chickens are discovered all around the Earth, in every single place besides Antarctica.

How did the globe wind up with so many chickens!? It’s as a result of chickens play an essential function in so many civilizations all over the world.

Along with being a supply of meals, they’re additionally used for his or her feathers, that are used to make quite a lot of merchandise, together with clothes and insulation.

Chickens are additionally in style pets, they usually have even been identified to type shut bonds with people. They’re even revered and revered in some cultures.

Contemplating that chickens have been domesticated for at the very least 8,000 years, and certain for much longer, this helps their widespread prevalence.

It’s no surprise that chickens declare the title of “the world’s most typical fowl.”

6. A Laying Hen wants 4 Kilos of Feed to put a Dozen Eggs

Everybody is aware of {that a} wholesome hen will lay plenty of eggs. Like, plenty of eggs, however did you ever cease to surprise how a lot meals a hen wants to supply the carton of eggs that different individuals purchase on the grocery retailer? Seems, we have now a solution for that.

In keeping with the Nationwide Hen Council, a laying hen wants round 4 kilos of feed with the intention to lay a dozen eggs. That’s not too unhealthy when you concentrate on it.

The truth is, the return on funding (at the very least, for us people) is sort of good! A dozen eggs can price anyplace from $0.30 to $0.70 a chunk, relying on the place you reside, the kind of egg, and what time of yr it’s.

A median, laying hen will eat round $0.15 of feed a day, or round $0.60 cents a day should you feed them the primo natural stuff.

After all, this doesn’t take note of the opposite prices related to retaining chickens, akin to housing, medical care, and water, besides, it’s an inexpensive and sustainable approach to get premium, recent eggs each day!

7. Chickens don’t Pee…

Moving into the gross territory, however you need to learn about these items if you’re going to elevate your individual flock, you already know! Chickens, because it seems, don’t pee.

Or at the very least, they don’t pee in the way in which that mammals do. It is because chickens lack a bladder.

As a substitute, they excrete nitrogenous wastes within the type of uric acid, which is a white, semisolid substance.

This uric acid is then voided by way of the physique together with strong waste, i.e. hen poop. Generally you possibly can really see these crystals on the floor of the pellets your chickens go away behind.

On that notice, it is best to know that chickens don’t have a lot management over after they poop; it simply form of occurs every time their digestive system feels the necessity to transfer issues alongside.

So if it looks as if they simply poop as they go together with no rhyme or cause, that’s as a result of they’re.

8. However they do Fart!

Hey, we already broke the ice about chickens peeing, so there is no such thing as a must cease there.

One of many nice mysteries (and arguments) in hen fanatic teams across the nation is whether or not or not chickens really fart. Properly, do they?

Sure, sure they do. Chickens, like all animals with digestive techniques, produce methane gasoline as a byproduct of their digestion. This methane is then launched by way of what we might name “flatus” or … a fart.

Now, the jury continues to be out on whether or not you possibly can hear it or not; most appear to suppose that chickens are solely the “silent however lethal” sort of wind-breakers, whereas others swear on all the things that they’ve certainly heard their chickens fart.

The seek for data continues, however one factor is definite: you possibly can scent it! The truth is, some chickens appear to go hideous gasoline when on sure diets, and also you’ll know as a result of their coop will tackle a nasty reek!

9. Chickens have their Personal Day by day Agenda

Most people who find themselves unfamiliar with chickens appear to suppose they’re easy critters, waking as much as eat after which lay eggs (or cock-a-doodle-doo) all day.

However this isn’t true. Chickens are creatures with subtle habits and observe a reasonably regimented each day routine.

They usually get up at dawn and spend the day pecking round for meals, taking mud baths, sunbathing, and socializing.

Sure, chickens prefer to socialize. They’ve associates (and enemies), prefer to play, work together with caretakers, and extra. You may say that hen “society” is fairly hierarchical, with a transparent pecking order that have to be adopted.

Chickens are additionally very lively in the course of the day and may stroll as much as three miles simply searching for one thing good to eat! This is likely one of the the explanation why it’s so essential to have loads of area to your chickens to roam; they’re lively and want room to discover and forage.

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